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Boarding Story - Bessy Loves Mamadog (and Papadog too!)


Owner's name: YueLi

Furkid's name: Bessy, Rottweiler​


As a Rottweiler, it isn't easy finding a boarding place for Bessy.  She's a sweet-natured dog. But unfortunately, her breed's reputation precedes her.  That's why it was so heart-warming to see Lennie welcoming Bessy with open arms - a true dog lover!


Bessy hates being caged, and Lennie allow her boarders to roam freely and play with each other.  Plus, Bessy was given Lennie's homemade treats every night, as part of the boarding service.  And it's not only Lennie who made Bessy feel right at home...Lennie's own furkid too did the same.  He allowed Bessy to play with, and eventually ruin, his Kong!

Bessy has been for homeboarding twice at Mamadog, and she loves it.  She comes home looking so happy and healthy!

It's nice to find a place that treats your dog so well.  It's even better to find people who take care of your furkid as if she's their own.  Mamadog is exactly the place, run by exactly those wonderful people.

Thanks Lennie! Bessy will be back for more.

Boarding & Relocation Story


Owner's name: Rani

Furkid's name: Billy, Pomeranian & Frosty, Spitz

From: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

To: London, UK​


​Hi Lennie
The boys arrived about 10 minutes ago, looking very healthy and full of energy. Both went straight for the food and have now just started to relax a little and explore their new home. Thank you so much for looking after them and working with me so professionally to relocate them. I am soooooooooooooo glad that I did not re-home them in KL. We can now start again as one big happy family.

...a few weeks later...The pics say it all....

Billy and Frosty have taken to life the UK like ducks to water.  We had our first snowfall this weekend. Frosty is thrilled with the snow whilst Billy just sinks in the deep snow and eats his way back up to the surface. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for providing the boys with a home away from home for almost 4 months.

​They arrived home full of life and thankfully had no issues with their long flight.


​I would use only your boarding services if I return to kL in the future and would recommend mamadog to any pet lover who needs assurance that their baby is not being caged up all day.



Dear Lennie,
We would really like to thank you and Adrian for the great professional way you handled the weeks of boarding and export to India of our great dog, Paco.

You guys are very well organized and trustworthy. We did not make life easy for you. You had to sort out all the necessary paperwork and health checks  and because it was also your first trip to India that wasn’t always easy. We also  changed our traveling date at least 5 times, and every time you smiled and assured us that it was no problem.

Paco had a great time at your place. We are so happy he could board with you for all those weeks because he had a lot of space to run and a lot of canine friends to play with.

He arrived at our house after two months, looking healthy and happy and we would like to thank you again for all your love and care.

​You two are great dog lovers and we will recommend you to everybody who is looking for a temporary safe, caring and fun place for their beloved pets.
All the best!

Relocation Story


Owner's name: Liset

Furkid's name: Paco, Black Labrador

from: KL, Malaysia to: India

Boarding & Relocation Story


Owner's name: Valerie

Furkid's name: Dharma, Yellow Labrador

from: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia  to: UK


We have used several times the boarding services of Mamadog for our labrador, Dharma, and have always appreciated the kindness of the team as well as their respect for "our way" of taking care of our dog. Before his first stay, we had a first meeting where Dharma met with their pack leader, and Lennie could assess how they would get on. Lennie and Adrien were very respectful of the commands we use with our dog and we know that they took very good care of him each time. Dharma enjoyed a lot going to their place and spending time with the other dogs.

Lennie has been of very good advice as far as Dharma's diet and behaviour were concerned and we appreciated that.

Regarding the relocation services, it was very professionally performed and comprehensive. From the first blood test to the exportation itself, all documents were filled in and all vet visits were done and documented in a very satisfactory way. Our dog arrived in the UK after having spent 5 months at Mamadog's. He was in a great condition, groomed and fluffy! and recognised us right away.  Many thanks for your work and attention to Dharma. He and we will miss you!

Kind regards, Valerie

Relocation Story


owner's name: Alexa & Theo Van de Pol

furkid's name: Ukkie & Olivia, British & European Shorthair cats

from: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

to: Abu Dhabi


After 2 years of living and working in Malaysia, we had to move again.  This time to Abu Dhabi in the Middle East.  And ofcourse, our 2 cats, Ukkie & Olivia had to move with us.  It is so complex and difficult to relocate animals between countries, we decided to use the services of Mamadog through the recommendation of a friend. 


We were very happy that we did! Everything went very smooth and without one problem! Lennie from Mamadog communicated very well with us and she handled everything very professionally...from the paperwork, doctor, boarding, pickup, to the transportation.


Mamadog did a great job!


Boarding & Relocation Story


We didn't want to leave Kuala Lumpur without leaving a heartfelt​​ tribute to the care that Lennie and Adrian gave to our Jack Russell's,​ Guinness and Murphy.


Mamadog was recommended to us at the eleventh hour and basically saved the day in completing the entire importation from Abu Dhabi to Kuala Lumpur.


Over the years, Lennie and Adrian cared for them numerous times in their own home as well as stayed in our house with them (last minute) while we rushed to Canada on bereavement leave.  Each time, Mamadog came to our house, met and discussed the dogs requirements and followed our practices down to the T.  Consistently the dogs returned from their stint with Mamadog as if they had been to a spa ... their coats were in great condition (like many Jack Russell's they have a tendency to skin problems), no weight gain and in fact were definitely a tad melancholy to say good-bye to Lennie and Adrian!​

We have since moved to Bangkok and once again Mamadog organized the full door to door service.  All we had to do was choose the date of arrival!​

We wholeheartedly recommend Mamadog to anyone who is about to relocate or already living in Kuala Lumpur.

We will surely miss their extraordinary service.

Scott, Bridget, Munro + Kenzie Watters ............

+ Guinness and Murphy


Boarding & Relocation Story


owner's name: Agnes & Paul Sanders

furkid's name: Yumi, x-files

Lennie and Adrian from Mamadog are more like the answer to our prayers, all we had to provide them were the country we where heading to, dates and copy of passports, oh and a crate for Yumi's flight. Mamadog took care of all the administration for the move as well as liaison with our appointed administrator over in Singapore.  We had no worries boarding our gal over at Mamadog for three months, she's been there on several occasions when we were on holiday. In fact, we jokingly called it her doggy summer camp.


Before we even reach Mamadog, she was happily jumping in the car when she recognised the stretch of familiar roads.  Three months later, Yumi finally arrived at the quarantine in Singapore. She must had been enjoying herself with Lennie's home baked treats, even our administrator in Singapore commented how well and relaxed she looked.  Looking back, we're thankful that we found Lennie and Adrian.


With their help, we could concentrate with other aspects of the move and still have a peace of mind that our little girl was in safe hands and experienced dog handlers, playtime with her doggy companions and daily walks.


While in Malaysia we had tried several home boarders before settling on Mamadog. and now in Singapore once again we are moving though different home boarders. All because the saying “good help is hard to find” is sadly too true. So, to save you the trouble in finding good help, if you need someone to handle your pet's relocating or even just a simple boarding stay I can't recommend Lennie and Adrian from Mamadog enough. Dealing with them has been an absolute pleasure every step of the way.


Paul and Agnes Sanders Singapore

Boarding & Relocation Story


Owner's name: Daphne

furkid's name: Elvis, Beagle

from: Kuala Lumpur to: Singapore


We have been using Mamadog for nearly 2 years.


Our beagle loves going there where he gets to hang out and play with all the other furkids.  Mamadog has been a lifesaver when we have travelled outside of KL and needed someone to take care of our dog.  We usually just drop him off there on our way to the airport and pick him up on the way back.  What we like about Mamadog is that it really feels like a "home away from home"! The dogs are not caged up and free to do as they please.  They are also taken for walks.  Usually, if we are on a long trip, Lennie takes him to Papadog for a grooming session so Elvis always looks handsome and smells lovely when we collect him!


We are eternally grateful that we had a place that we could leave Elvis without worrying about him as the standard of care provided has been excellent! Lennie and Adrian are clearly dog-lovers and they have always been very cheerful and happy to see Elvis.


Lennie also helped us with the entire relocation/paperwork process when we left Malaysia, which was very helpful.  I only hope we can find somewhere just as efficient in our new location.  Thank you Mamadog, we will miss  you!


Elvis & Family xoxo

Boarding Story


Owner's name: Zarina

Furkid's name: Juno, Beagle


Finding "Mamadog" service was a real luck for me and my hubby since that brought us a  sense of calm and relaxation during the time we are away from our  loved furkid Juno. Comparing with other boardings its a home away from home there doggies are cage free and I do totally agree with the cliche of "spa and resort"  which are mentioned in testimonials:) After we are back from each trip we a greeting calm, well behaved, happy doggie instead  of nervous and naughty after the struggling days in a cage. 


 Even from the first sight it became apparent that Lennie and Adrian are definitely people to whom you can trust to and they are just the ones who can care about your fur kid even better than you can do it yourself. They are the ones who loves and cares about fur kids from their heart, and yes every dog lover know  that  our fur kids are more sensitive to emotions and would never happily shake their tails to people who do not like them. 


I would like to say thanks from our family for providing such a professional service to the people who adore their fur kids! So far we have left Juno with "Mamadog"  for about 5 times including a long period of 1 month and indeed would continue to use Mamadog service more and more again!


10000000 Thanks Lennie and Adrian! May all the best be with you! :)


Best Wishes,

Zarina, Almas and Juno"

1. NO cages
2. Home based business
3. Clean and safe….Very very much so
4. Caring and they both know a great deal about their furry charges
5. Wonderful, fun atmosphere for the furries
6. Professional grooming service
7. Secure in the knowledge that if one of our girls was to fall ill while in care, that treatment would be sought immediately.


We also needed a Vacation Care place that could take our girls on short notice due to our sometimes-quick action business trips.

Lennie has given our girls and us such wonderful treatment every time we need her. Always there, ready willing and able to have the girls. Bindii and Jellii completely rule our lives (and our bed) so it is extremely important that they are in similar surrounding when we have to go away so cages and unattended offsite boarding situations is not for us. It sorta helps lessen my guilt at leaving them, to know that they are in such a lovely place with Lennie and family.

I could go on and on about how wonderful they are but the sentence following this will have to do so as to not cause boredom.

We HIGHLY recommend Mamadog for Vacation Care or Doggy Day Care as well as for Grooming!!!!!!!!!!!

Regards Ann & Shane Walters

Aka Mummy and Daddy of Bindii and Jellie

Boarding & Grooming Story


owner's name: Ann & Shane Walters

furkid's name: Bindii, Cavoodle & Jellie, Maloodle​


Mamadog and Papadog…….hmmmmmm …. now how do I describe their Wonderful, Caring, Safe and Efficient service.


Our furry girls, Bindii & Jellii just simply adore Lennie(Mamadog) and Adrian(Papadog) and we are supremely happy and very grateful for their wonderful service.


Boarding & Relocation Story


owner's name: Cherly Drysdale

furkid's name: Andi, Hamish & Cameron,



My 3 Westie dogs have been looked after by Mamadogs for 4 months in preparation for export to Australia and their care has been extraordinary!


I was a bit sad when they left with Lennie for such a long time, but they have been in such good hands that I haven't worried about them at all.


I recommend them to anyone who has as precious a dog as mine are!

Abby loves going to stay at Mamadog and has lots of fun playing with the other dogs. However as a Lady of leisure she insist in taking her own bed and special puppy for she loves her comforts. 



Boarding Story


owner's name: Vanessa

furkid's name: Max, Yellow Labrador


We have lived as expatriates in KL for 4 years, during which time Lennie and Adrian at Mamadog have been responsible for looking after our Labrador, Max, whenever we have travelled. It is apparent that Max enjoys his time at Mamadog as he is always content to leave with Lennie and arrives home with a smile on his face. Lennie and Adrian have a deep love of dogs, which is obvious in their treatment of Max- he is always extremely well cared for and receives individual attention while being able to socialize with a few other dogs. Lennie and Adrian are consistently reliable in their pick up and drop off of Max, and Lennie goes the extra mile by baking delicious treats for the dogs which Max always enjoys. It is assuring to know that Max will be looked after, and we have felt completely at ease in travelling during our time in Malaysia.
-Vanessa Willison

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